Team Meeting September 23 2018


09-23-2018 Notes

Copay wallet not released to public yet, ANON not functional yet.
Jeff posed question of whether to release copay wallet, or wait for API issues to be worked out for ANON.

Copay wallet likely to be released next week.

Jeff working on upgrading server, bottlenecks, etc. New upgrapde will add much more capacity ability. Orders will be instant, Eth will be in place, and smart contracts will no longer be an issue.
Goal is to release Copay wallet next week, with the focus on spending issues being rectified. Anon will be added when ready.
Both wallets will be released this week.

Jeff will be taking a Kiosk to the conference, showing co-pay,, etc. If able, masternode will be shown.

Regarding SafeNodes. Jeff feels the nodes will be very secure, and better than even Komodo’s.

Some discussion on community building, in particular getting the general room on discord more active.
Part of promotion can be bounty programs.This can happen thru the Safers group perhaps, ie: rewarding Bitcoin talk posts. It was agreed to clean up the Discord groups. The bounties discord room needs to made more active.

David inquired about marketing, in particular promoting the server upgrade when done within trader groups. Especially at this time while mining is down. It was suggested that we build a list of trading groups, so all can navigate to the various groups and promote.

Light discussion on MasterNodes regarding quantity vs. price. Jeff reiterated that more is better. Jeff shared that the initial masternodes will need to run as shared, due to the complexity.

A bounty program will start to reward those posting the most, both quantity and quality posts. The bounty channel will be private, to enable Jeff to maintain quality.

Suggested that we keep attempting getting listed on CoinLib.
David suggested YoBit for listing. Jeff mentioned they already have a dead safecoin listed and are not a good option for listing. Some suggested exchanges to apply for are nanex, Bittrex. David mentioned Bittrex not accepting coins easily. Kevin mentioned Exrates.

In the Dev environment, Eth is functioning. Once everything tunning correctly, will be implemented.