Team Meeting September 2 2018

  • Anon launching. Potentially exclusive to Safe.Trade for 2 days. September 11. Fork of Zcl/Btc.
    Safe.Coin offering free commission for 2 days, pairings, etc.
    This is an announcement to remain quiet for now.
    BtC Private may be listed, even as just a necessary/convenient pair. Only’risk’ associated is a server crash. Jeff and Beshoy are the two most knowledgeable on the server side to prep for volume. Currently, exchange should be able to handle 1M plus.

  • Potentially, adding this coin could add 50k+ users quickly.

  • Pricing should not be discussed.

  • Jeff will be testing server over coming days for ability to handle rise in users.

  • Discussion of how to ‘keep’ new users who join exchange (Anon) and keep them trading there. Topics such as reliability and support can be a factor once exchange user base starts growing.

  • Discussion of integrating Zendesk into the exchange to help

  • Regarding new UI:

  • Worst case scanario, easy to roll back to old UI if needed.

  • The new UI will have night mode.

  • Discussion of potential of a ‘legacy’ option for old UI as a user choice.

  • Per Jeff, the front end of the UI is reelatively to modify, etc. On the back end, server load and other issues, are what needs to be assured.

  • In summary, in the event we are Anon exclusive two days, it’s important we leave a great impression.

  • In marketing terms, ‘refer a friend’ and other tactics can be used. Kevin shared some deep experience on some of the downfalls of referral programs.

  • Jeff volunteered to be the ‘asshole’ and end the meeting.