Team Meeting Nov 18



Follow up on objectives from last week:

 Which objectives have been accomplished, which are outstanding
  • Conference Followup: Contacts spreadsheet, ie., hardware wallets, etc

  • Copay

  • Social Media

  • Bounty programs, community engagement

  • SafeNodes proposal Refinement

  • Trading UI

  • Exchanges

  • New Coins to be added

Roles and responsibilities
Assignment of Objectives


Meeting Minutes:

  1. Vegas Contacts Follow up - Spreadsheet needed. Adam creates Spreadsheet and keeps it organised

  2. Hardwarewallet - decision on one of the Hardwarewallets should be made.

  3. Copay - Eternity needs some support. steps:

    1. bitcoin integration

    2. other functionallity issues

    3. Android and Iphone Wrapper

  4. Customize UI

  5. Social Media - Reddit needs some love, as well as Medium. Coingecko Beam cooperation. Social Media linking the low hanging fruit?

  6. Safers Activity.

  7. Logo, Rick prepared a logo, he might try to create an improved version with zebra

  8. Merchshop assigned to Kev and Matt

  9. Safenodes Reward Proposal - 10% unlocked with each Tier. one-pager proposal to be prepared by archimedes

  10. Safenodes rollout, then a better Exchange listing