Team Meeting Dec 30


Was a quiet New Years meeting:

SafeNodes: Working model imminent. Has been delayed due to technical challenges, most of them have been overcome now but one remains involving interconnectivity of the nodes Calling out to all our developers to focus on this as correctly implemented SafeNodes need to be a major team effort.

Algo change: We discussed this briefly to resist FPGAs and Nicehash. Most are in favour, but some feel it is unnecessary. We all agree that it takes a back seat to SafeNodes right now.

       This would likely be a paramater change on Equihash if we went ahead.  192, 150, and 240 are options.

Rewards Reduction: Proposed one Final rewards halving to double the length of our POW phase.
Team is 50/50 on this issue.
A transaction fee burn method was also proposed.
Some other alternatives were suggested but were rejected.
Any alteration or manipulation of max supply is of course not an option and never will be.
* We all agree, the focus should be on Safenodes and this issue too takes a back seat to that.

Copay: Still looking for more feedback, and volunteers to help customize the UI.

** We will likely schedule a follow-up meeting as soon as we have an update for Safenodes.

Happy New Years in advance :slight_smile: